People Coming Out About Ellen DeGeneres | Is She The New Queen of Mean? | Here's a Few Memes

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

OK so by now you have probably seen the articles on Ellen DeGeneres of celebrities and those who work for Ellen about how rude and crude she can be. It's reported that she's made employees chew gum before they could speak to her because she doesn't want to smell their bad breath. Others have said that when they would speak to hear behind cameras she would completely ignore them. One YouTuber reported that she even has yelled at her workers for no reason and that Portia de Rossi was completely embarrassed by Ellen's behavior. Jump on YouTube and do a search about her mean behavior. Her show is currently under investigation and it is likely the show will be cancelled. It seems that her "be kind" mantra is just a ruse to many. Just keep swimming Ellen. What do you think? Check out these memes and leave a comment in this post.

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